Odoo. Approved by IT Libertas. July 2017 (I)

Sale Validity Date, Sales Targets, Tools for Reordering Rules

IT Libertas, Aleksandr Filippov

The following apps have been tested and have been approved by IT Libertas developers, in order to help you use Odoo. When programmers had faced any bugs, they fixed them. The resulted modules are structured and would be used as a base of Odoo implementation. Besides, each description contains links to download an application and to configure it with your own hands

Sale Validity

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The app let you assign a quotation validity.

Go to the menu  Sale > Configuration > Settings > the section "Quotations & Sales". Here assign the parameter "Default Validity of Sale Orders" in days.

Now each time you generate a draft sales order, "Expiration Date" would be increased by the defined value.

Sales targets report

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The app adds a special report type Sales Target Marketing. In this report you can observe which product (product categories) are of the most demand. Thus, it let  make your customer profile.

The report has 2 views:
  • By category: it is a table of the orders related to the selected categories for a chosen period;
  • By product: it is a tables of purchased products for a chosen period.
Available groupings:
  1. Product or category;
  2. Time interval.
How to use:
  1. Go to Sales > Sales Target Marketing;
  2. Select report type;
  3. Choose time interval and push the button "Print".

Tools of reordering rules

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Создание правил по продуктам и категориям

The app let:

  1. Generate reordering rules from a product form (select the related setting)
  2. Create such rules in batch through a special wizard.
In the first case, a special zero-quantity rule would be set up.
In case of the wizard you may generate re-ordering rules for products and product categories. Besides, you may apply default values.
We should highlight:
  1. The app is not intuitively understandable: both the setting position and how to open a wizard.
  2. The module depends on the app "reorder_configuration", which adds to configurations special flag to unlink automatic_reordering_rule. The goal here is not clear.
Интересный способ открыть визард для массового создания правил
Созданное правило пополнения
Галочка в шаблоне продукции для создания правила пополнения