Odoo. Approved by IT Libertas. May 2017 (I)

Odoo 10 No Bubbles, Clickable fields in lists, Barcode images

IT Libertas, Aleksandr Filippov

The following apps have been tested and have been approved by IT Libertas developers, in order to help you use Odoo. When programmers had faced any bugs, they fixed them. The resulted modules are structured and would be used as a base of Odoo implementation. Besides, each description contains links to download an application and to configure it with your own hands

Odoo 10: No Bubbles

Odoo 10

The app hides irritating bubles in the odoo 10 interface.


Clickable Fields in Tables

Odoo 8
Odoo 9
Odoo 10
Кликабельные Many2One
The app offers a widget, which makes Many2One fields clickable to open related objects.
In order to use, just add the attribute widget="many2one_clickable" to a corresponding field declaration.

Barcode Widget

Odoo 9
Odoo 10
Demo field with barcode widget

The app offers a widget, which modifies a char field in a way to represent it as a barcode. In order to use it just an attribute 'widget="BarCode128"' for a modified field.

A resulted image is successfully decoded by mobile devices into a string of symbols.