Odoo ERP implementation and customization

IT Libertas offers to integrate your ideas and knowledge with foremost business practices. Our team develops unique software solutions based on a firm groundwork of ready apps, which are offered by Odoo ERP. The advantages of this open and flexible ERP platform let us continuously implement required modules and incorporate features regularly. As a result of collaborative experiments, you acquire a functioning product and you would never face conventional problems of standardized services. There is no need to plan and preestimate. You receive what you ask for.

SCRUM methodology: weekly planning, progress control and reevaluation

Payment for fulfilled customization tasks each month

Personal implementation assistant

Use of existing ERP solutions and Odoo know-how

Monthly development order is from 40 hours

One-year guarantee period to fix bugs

Catch a moment to order Odoo customization and implementation for 29 USD/hour!

Order Implementation

 +7(812) 429-70-17

Implementation methodology

How to plan a project

  1. Set up a list of required features – a backlog. We offer to place a backlog in the Odoo portal, Google docs or in other apps for shared access to lists. Enrich and edit a table when you need;
  2. A manager clarifies details and provides with workload estimations;
  3. Prioritize the tasks;
  4. Plan what to launch for the next week during a weekly conference.

How to control and test results

In an Odoo test database. A manager tells about implemented features during a conference or contacts you separately.

How to decline tasks

Abandon, if workload does not suit or customization is no more needed. In order to abandon tasks, take them away from a backlog. Be cautious: after launching a weekly sprint cancel claims only with our approval.

How to communicate

By email, phone or video-conferencing.

Eye-to-eye meeting is needed. Could you come to my place

In the most cases. We ask to pay business trip costs before a meeting date.

Which Odoo versions do you implement

Any of existing licences and versions: OpenERP 7, Odoo 8, Odoo 9, Odoo 10, Odoo 11, Odoo 12; Community and Enterprise.

Customization price and payment

How do you estimate workload

The team relies upon:

  • Complexity of customization, testing and checkout;
  • Availability of ready Odoo apps;
  • Experience in implementing similar features.

We provide with final estimation for each task. We would change estimations only in case details are changed. Decline an offer, if price is too high for you.

How do you calculate monthly payment

At the last day of each month we sum up all done tasks according to initial workload estimation. Total time is to invoice.

Minimum customization order

Minimum monthly order is defined in the contract terms, but it is not less than forty hours.

How much does a license cost

In 95% cases IT Libertas clients use the open source license without need to pay any fees.

How to pay for the services

By wire transfer based on invoices. For individuals only: through PayPal.

How to document arrangements

We sign an implementation contract. At the end of each period we provide with an act of the services rendered.


Which processes do IT Libertas automate

Odoo is an ERP platform, which covers multiple business processes. IT Libertas automates sales, warehouse, purchases and manufacturing, implements managerial accounting and HR applications. Additionally the team customizes retail solutions and solutions for online shops, marketing and project management.

May you import data from my current database

We import data during Odoo implementation, if your current database allows exporting data in electronic tables format (e.g. csv) or it has proper API. With certain software we also help with regular data sync.

Odoo support

As soon as we finished with Odoo customization, we offer the service of fee-based Odoo support.

May you deploy Odoo on my server

A manager would include this service in an implementation project if it is necessary.

If you have more questions, push the button to contact us