Privacy Policy

The Privacy Statement (hereinafter referred to as the “STATEMENT”) regulates, how IT Libertas LLC collects and uses the personal data, duties and rights of a visitor of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “VISITOR”):

Data Collection

IT Libertas LLC collects the data of the following types and kinds:

  1. The data how a VISITOR uses the website hereinafter referred to as the “WEBSITE”), its pages and sub-domains.

  2. The data a VISITOR provides while registering or leaving a claims on the WEBSITE.

  3. Any other data which a VISITOR forwards via the Website or to IT Libertas LLC representatives.

Use of Data

IT Libertas LLC reserves a right to use the personal data to the purposes of:

  1. This data publishing.

  2. The WEBSITE administration, customization and personalisation.

  3. Collecting payments from a VISITOR.

  4. Regulating an access to the WEBSITE by a VISITOR.

  5. Sending notifications to a VISITOR.

In case the law, legal proceeding or third party legal rights require it, IT Libertas reserves a right to disclose the personal data to a reasonable necessary extent.

Data Security

IT Libertas LLC is obliged to undertake reasonable efforts to prevent the personal data misuse or illegal disclosure.

Data Transfer

IT Libertas LLC reserves a right to transfer the personal data between any two countries. Such Data may be published globally and may be available in various countries through the WEBSITE.

Third Parties

All the materials and the websites, which are referenced by the WEBSITE, should be not treated by this STATEMENT. IT Libertas LLC is not responsible for those materials' and websites' privacy policies.


IT Libertas LLC reserves a right to change the STATEMENT at any time by its own will. In that case IT Libertas LLC should publish the new version on the WEBSITE.

Rights and duties of a VISITOR

A VISITOR is obliged:

  1. Before using the WEBSITE, get acquainted with the STATEMENT
  2. Regularly check the updates of the STATEMENT.

A VISITOR has a right to:

  1. Require from IT Libertas LLC to follow the demands of the STATEMENT.