Support and teaching

Assistance in working with the Odoo system is an accompanying service in development and implementation. Within development and implementation, we always provide instructions on how to work with the new functionality and a guarantee correction according to usage properties. We also offer technical assistance and support for the further work with the system

- teach the user how to configure the system himself
- help to learn how to deal with new or existing functional
- provide operational assistance in case of technical problems, including urgent help

Support is provided through our helpdesk system by requests registration within defined priority. In the system you can track the status of your application, get quick advice or find an answer to your question. For questions that require the acquisition of new knowledge, an article is created in the knowledge library. You can also use this library at any time for self-help search. Access to articles may be restricted according to user rights. The gradual accumulation of data in the library ensures continuity of knowledge among employees working with Odoo.

Here is some articles from our open KnowSystem Library

How to change Email templates

Following things explain at this article:

how to change Signature

Email attachments naming

the best way to change Font size, color and style

advice how to set a template layout- background

How to use and set Minimum Stock Rules

A stock minimum rule (or reordering rule) is an Odoo object, which define how products should be re-supplied.

System automatically checks if there is enough product quantity left at the stock. If there is a lack of some products it creates Purchase Order according to the Rules.

How to change Lots in Manufacturing Order

There are different ways of how to change Lots for Bill of Material in Manufacturing Order in version Odoo 10 and 11.

There is new button at Manufacture Order for Version 11 - button "unlock". To make changes it needs to be unlock.