Compare Odoo Enterprise and Community Editions

About Odoo

Odoo is a modular ERP system including business applications that consider the major process of your company.

There are two main functional version available:

  • Odoo Community

  • Odoo Enterprise

Both versions can be installed at your own server or cloud server. Customization by Development teams and custom Modules from Odoo Apps available.

Additionally Enterprise can be:

  • Odoo Saas - cloud service provided by Odoo S.A. company, no customization available, includes System auto-upgrading (new versions, new features)

  • Odoo Sh. - same cloud service provided by Odoo S.A, but customization available by Odoo S.A. developers or Odoo S.A. authorized partners

To clarify which version to choose we provide here comparisons of Versions functionality.

This comparison is based on our experience and Odoo learning.

The main advantage of Odoo Community version is that it's free of charge. Yet, Enterprise has more functionality and may be more suitable in some industries without requiring additional configuration and customization. So it needs first to check all possibilities of both versions and figure out the optimal system capabilities and costs for database implementation.

Enterprise version includes everything that the community version has and some more. There are some interesting features additionally in Enterprise. Pay attention that it is not possible to have some useful features from Enterprise for your Community. It is not possible to use it both for one database. So if you find some enterprise Odoo extension is necessary for your business - you would need to have an enterprise version. There is also a way to have a community and find a needable extension at Odoo.Apps. You should also pay attention: there is no auto-upgrading for new versions in the community. As Odoo grows and develops - there are more useful features appearing in new versions.

The most significant advantages of Enterprise version are:

  • Substantial management reporting: such as the account plan and profit and loss report,

  • Vital and adaptive ERP Mobile interface version,

  • Studio Module that allows to create customized fields for all Odoo Modules directly from interface by authorized users (without special developers customisation in code)

All this is a lack at Community version.

To go deeply into differences it needs to understand the Odoo basic and additional functionality. Comparison will be listed within Module description by its functionality. So here is detailed functions of main Modules: