Compare Odoo Enterprise and Community Editions

Comparison Purchase and Inventory Modules

Both versions got a lot of features for product purchase and inventory operating.
  • There are 2 ways to create purchase order - by a user manually or by Odoo automatically according to reordering rules, such as minimum stock rules. Products also can have different types such as service, storable or consumable. Storable can be purchased by rules (in case there are less then specified quantity left - the system will auto create purchases to fulfill it to written at the Rule level of quantity). In product there is a special field for vendors (multiple choice - to set who are suppliers for this product).

  • There is also a feature to set special warnings for vendors and to set supervisor approval for purchase orders: request managers to approve orders above a minimum amount.

  • It is possible to manage purchase agreements (call for tenders, blanket orders): that is creating one request of quotation (price request) for any product and sending it to different suppliers to choose the lowest price to purchase. And also create a Blanket Order that allows follow the agreed price for purchases during a specified period.

  • For products it is possible to calculate cost price for understanding company profit and choosing discount policy. That allows to add additional cost (transport, customs, storing, packing) in the value of the product.

  • Tracking product’s location in warehouses can be done through adding lots and serial numbers on incoming products. Choosing one of transferring strategies (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO) Odoo automatically moves needable lots. This allows to get full traceability from vendors to customers. And of course it is possible to track storage locations for all products in the warehouse, including managing several warehouses.

Additionally at Odoo Enterprise:
  • Barcode scanning - Process operations: receiving/receipt orders, picking, transferring (stock moving /internal transfers) and delivery products. Also using barcode scanning for document flow (inventory adjustment, document validation, scan to open specific file in Odoo (connected Odoo object such as purchase or sales order, invoice). Widely used in points of sale (PoS) for product scanning.

  • 3-way matching: purchases, receptions and bills. Auto comparing ordered goods with those that received and bills for it. In case payment to the supplier should be done after receiving and quantity/quality controlled.

* For barcode scanning there are some relevant paid Modules for Community at Odoo Apps.