What do we do

Here is just a few examples describing our software developments of Odoo Modules Modifications.
Listed functionalities are specifically designed according to our customer's requests.

Route Planning through Google Maps in stock Odoo

Route Planning through Google Maps

Developed functionality allows to schedule daily product delivery (route sheet) by customers addresses and accordingly work out a route on Google maps. This include list of operations such as: creating customized delivery slip; uploading data to Google map with points of customers names and addresses on it; function of building the optimal (the shortest) or in a given order route; downloading distances and travel time info to the Odoo planner; auto-notifing customers about delivery.

Delivery planning takes a few clicks- make delivery list, get a route from Google, assign a driver. Customers notifying will get done automatically.

Dynamic field's form editor

Functionality allows to assign different forms to fill for different type of the same object.

For example at projects for different tasks can be assign different types. For each task depending on its type- specific field to fill in. There is able to create different task fields templates.

Dynamic field's Odoo form editor

QR code in Customer's Odoo Invoice

QR code in Customer's Invoice

Developed printing form include QR code generation. Designed printed form is made in compliance with the requirements of Swiss accounting.

This report was created by our client requirements. It includes a list of works with information for its:

  • location;

  • encoding;

  • scanned.


Functionality allows to assign lists with grouped tasks for variety of objects such as Sales Orders, Projects ect. (Modules Projects, Sales, Marketing).

In order to do all needable action within a certain object at the certain point. Get all list done and do not forget something. Checklist can get activated if object move to specified status. Each task of the checklist can be assigned to different employee. Tasks' due dates can be auto-set according to checklists dates. There is also can be set dependence of Objects moves to the next stage according on successful execution of the checklist.

Checklists in Odoo

Automatically Odoo partner order creating based on request recognition

Order creating based on request recognition

There are different ways of receiving customers orders. For all incoming written info can be applied auto-recognition. For example for requests from website there is parser available.

We have also developed automisation with creating orders by phone. There is a flexible search for product's parameters. Search result's determine continuously as manager introduct clarifying information about the product.