Odoo ERP development and customization

Within standard modules customizations of the Odoo system such as: change the business process, add a new field, create a report; our company undertakes the tasks of developing unique solutions with the addition of new features to the existing functionality.

Each development start with identifying requirements and clarifying the optimized usage process from the user's perspective. The key aspects of the main business process and functional requirements for automation are highlighted. Following stage is the development of the most optimal solution for the future functionality. The most important thing for us is to understand who and how will use the new opportunities within the existing process, and then make a plan for the development of the implementation of Odoo system to achieve the desired result.

Of course, it is impossible to foresee all the nuances of using the new functionality in advance, so there is a consistent implementation of new modules, testing, debugging, adding changes according to the optimal and more convenient use. That is why our developments work well: we always leave the opportunity to adjust and get the result even better than planned.

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Our principles and why we

SCRUM methodology: weekly planning, success control and reassessment.

Allows you to achieve measurable results within the specified time.


Highlight main value
Define the structure


Create realization concept
Estimate tasks


Follow the plan
Achieve the goal


Test and modify
to imrpove

We assume a detailed analysis of the tasks to obtain gradual results with step-by-step progress to the solution. To achieve this, big tasks are divided into smaller segments with their subsequent phased implementation.

Our Key feature - specialists with many years of experience in implementation. Who have the most qualified and recognized education (international school certificates + Odoo conference certificates). We are active member of the Odoo community.

How to plan a project:

  1. Make a list of features to develop-backlog. We offer to place backlog in the Odoo portal, Google Docs or another app to share lists. Fill up and edit the table when convenient;

  2. The Manager will clarify the details and provide an assessment of the complexity of the tasks; for each task we give a final assessment and change it only when the details change.Refuse, if you are not satisfied with the complexity, if you do not need to develop. To opt out, clear out the backlog. Important: cancel a job after starting to sprint only by agreement;

  3. Prioritize development;

  4. Follow the progress of work in the support system. There you see the status, deadline and evaluation of applications, specify details and discuss progress;

  5. Test the results on the Odoo test database. For all projects we offer test bases on our servers, so you can check the task in working with real data;

  6. Schedule tasks to start at next week or discuss issues during your weekly meeting with your Manager.

Our common goal is to make the client happy!

Development is provided within prepaid work hours packages