Compare Odoo Enterprise and Community Editions

Comparison Projects and Timesheets Modules

Нelps to organize all tasks to make clear what should be done and by whom, and at what stage it is. Issues are divided into specified themes by its requests, customers or groups called projects. Tasks visualisation in odoo is similar to white board and implemented as a Kanban view. When creating task stages for a project there are examples for standard milestones such as: Software development, Agile, Customers Feedback, Getting Things Done (GTD), Consulting, Product's Research, etc.

All tasks within Projects can be assigned to a group of users (Project teams).

There is also useful feature of sub-tasks. In case the ticket is too big - it can be divided into a few sup-tasks or delegated to other users with needable skills. All subtasks auto-created under parent task.

Tasks time logging is affordable with timesheets. It is possible to set Planned hours and track the progress. 

Rating is another function of Projects that allow to track customer satisfaction on tasks.

Timesheets allow to see each employee’s work reports and their time spent on specific tasks and projects.

Additionally at Odoo Enterprise:
  • Forecasts - schedule your teams across projects and estimate deadlines more accurately.

  • Employee timesheet’s report validation. Allow managers to check and validate employee working timing spended on the tasks.