Compare Odoo Enterprise and Community Editions

Comparison Sales Module

is a base Module for Sales Order and Quotation operating and customer’s communication

Both versions include
  • Product configuration - allows to select product attributes (when specifying product - choose from existing variants, such as colors, material, form ect. Attribute value might also have an extra price which will auto calculate depending on product variant).

  • Optional products configuration - to set Available Options / Accomponing products within added to Sales order. At the moment of adding a product to the sales order line, the functionality will show all possible related / associated goods to attach in one click.

  • Creation of Quotation Templates - standardized offers with default products, design it via building blocks.

  • Online Payments and Signature - allow to request customer to confirm order through customer portal.

  • Set Shipping cost for orders based on Shipping Methods and Rules (such as cost dependence on order's weight/volume/price/quantity or free of charge over specific order amount).

  • Dropshipping that allow to deliver products directly from supplier to customer (for retail business)- instead of delivery order after sales order confirmation- purchase order is creating

Additionally at Odoo Enterprise:
  • e-Signature - allow customers and vendors to sign documents by electronic devices (tablets or phones) at e-sign app.

  • Delivery Connectors: FedEx, UPS, bpost, DHL, USPS, Easypost.

  • Import Amazon orders and deliveries sync.

  • Coupon and promotions to manage marketing programs.

There is also a specialized sales service automation additionally provide in enterprise version::
  • Rental - to sell services of rent goods and manage rental contracts, deliveries and returns

  • Digital product - Sell content to download or URL links, it allow to add files or url that can get visible for customers at the website after payment for the order. Good video description

  • Helpdesk - to track customer's request, auto create help tickets and its escalation

  • Field service - Schedule and track onsite operations, invoice time and material. For example if your company provide repairing service - that allow to schedule visit to the customer, send an employee to the customer's address, time tracking of repairing and calculate it with spend consumable material.