Compare Odoo Enterprise and Community Editions

Comparison Website and E-commerce Modules

it is possible to create customized websites on Odoo platform

Ready-to-use themes allow to create website without designer or specific knowledge (web-development specialist). All web pages can be built with formed blocks whether it is image gallery, cover, poster, text and comparison columns - different structure, quotes and references. There are also specially combined types of pages that are ready-to-use like Blogs, News pages, Event Page, Forum, Job Offer, Course, Product’s Catalog and Product view page. Website Live Chat Channel is also a standard available function.

For visual content there is a possibility to use private files uploaded or linked by URL. To get free images it is possible to upload photos from usplash - shared directly in Odoo.  

One of the most significant advantage of Odoo 13 is the ability to use Multi-Website at Community (previously that was only at Enterprise). That allows to use few (more than one) websites for one database. For example if a company promotes different products on the market (each requires its own website). Dividing websites for different geographical regions (Europe, Asia, America) and countries, or having separate sites for specific events (Event Module). Each site can include a different set of pages, own menu, content.

Odoo Website is multi-languages: Odoo standard functional for adding any number of languages to the website. The existing translation tracking functionality allows you to check the content language. For multi-websites it can be used in different languages for each site.

There is a possibility to build your own form for the user to fill in (feedback, registration, surveys and questionnaires) with all available in Odoo types of fields (text, selection, bulian, date, button to browse/attach files, links, etc).

SEO optimization function allow to check title priority, add web search pages description and tooltips for images. 

Smart link redirection function gets the user to the connected core page in case the requested url page has been removed or changed (blog, promo, news, reconstructed old page).

Odoo eCommerce allow to sell your products online and include:

  • eShop: Product Catalogs, Product Page with description and attribute/variants to chose.

  • Customer portal (personal account) - to operate with their orders, invoices, add products to cart, pay, check ordered products. 

Additionally at Odoo Enterprise:
  • Appointments.

  • Delivery Connectors: FedEx, UPS, bpost, DHL, USPS, Easypost.

  • Amazon and eBay Connectors.