Odoo. Approved by IT Libertas. March 2017 (II)

Input masks, Web sliders, Reports sorting

IT Libertas, Aleksandr Filippov

The following apps have been tested and have been approved by IT Libertas developers, in order to help you use Odoo. When programmers had faced any bugs, they fixed them. The resulted modules are structured and would be used as a base of Odoo implementation. Besides, each description contains links to download an application and to configure it with your own hands

Input Mask Widget

Odoo 10
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The app adds 2 new widgets: mask & mask_regex.

"Mask" adds a fields with an input mask, which let you assign separators and other symbols. Additionally, it let you restrict allowed characters. Hence, you may avoid incorrect data in fields.

"Mask_regex" is a widget without visualization, but it let you assign a regular expression and use advanced requirements for inputs.

Besides, use extra attributes such as "greed", "placeholder" and others.

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Web Slider

Odoo 8
The app adds a slider widget to text fields or fields you would like to apply some restrictions. It has a set of parameters transferred through "options":
  • range (by default: false) - use jQuery range-slider (true/false)
  • color (by default: blue) - css color (#000000 - #FFFFFF)
  • min_val (by default: 0) -  slider minimum value. Should be less than maximum.
  • max_val (by default: 500) -  slider maximum value.
  • lower_val (by default: 0) -  legend minimum value..
  • upper_val (by default: 500) - legend maximum value.
  • text_before (by default: "") - text in a legend before minimum value; 
  • separator (by default: " - ") - separator between minimum and maximum values;
  • text_after (by default: "") - text in a legend after maximum value. A legend is generated as: text_before + lower_val + separator + upper_val + text_after;
  • orientation (by default: "horisontal") -slider orientation (vertical/horisontal);
  • step (by default: 1). - slider step (number bigger than 0).
Be cautious: version 9 & 10 break Odoo.

Sorting in dynamic reports

Odoo 8

The app adds a tool to sort by columns in dynamic reports. The feature would be available in any model.

sort by number of cases
sort by expected revenue