Odoo manufacturing

Assembling and procurement automation

Odoo MRP modules decrease delivery time and fully exclude sales of unavailable inventories. Enter bills of materials and configure procurement rules: the software would automatically generate manufacturing orders. You should simply control orders execution and estimate work in the integrated platform

Odoo Implementation

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Odoo MRP System

Manufacturing is launched by procurement rules

Hierarchical bills of materials

Production outcome control and forecast

Reporting, graphs, adjustable analytics

Components' procurement

Automatic components and materials' supplies

Tools to find bottlenecks

Logistic routes and pull rules

Simultaneous sales of components and finished products

MRP accounting

Estimate and plan costs

 Manufacturing orders' calendar and graphs

Side products control

 Losses management

Manage manufacturing with compatible Odoo modules

Warehouse Purchases Finance Sales E-shop

Odoo - 2 million users worldwide

Odoo Implementation

 +7(812) 429-70-17