Odoo deployment

Installing and configuring the software and a database on your server

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Odoo installation and configuration

 Checking server, operating system and PostgreSQL settings

 Core Odoo modules and localization apps installation

 Providing the possibility to install open source modules

 Connecting a database to your domain name

 Setting up ingoing and outgoing email servers

 Configuring SSL certificates

Odoo deployment

10000 Odoo business tools on your company's server

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Do you ask for advance payment?

For Odoo installation services we ask 100% advance payment.

How to pay for the services?

By bank transfer based on invoices.

How do we document the arrangements?

We will prepare and discuss a service agreement with the list of installation and configuration tasks:

  1. We agree upon the contract conditions and send each other scanned signed copies.
  2. We make the invoice for advance payment. As soon it was paid, we would start the jobs.
  3. When the work was done, we would prepare an acceptance act. We should send each other scanned signed copies to indicate that all the tasks are fulfilled.

What are core Odoo modules?

It is the software base which provides the work of all business apps. 

Which Odoo version will I get?

The newest stable version of community-built Odoo with IT Libertas know how included. 

What are the requirements for Odoo server?

To the end of the deployment and correct Odoo work we require:

  1. A server with installed PostgreSQL (version not less than 9.3.5) and operating system Debian 7. Divide the disk into 2 physical. The minimum requirements are: a disk for the operational system - 30Gb; a disk of a database server - 50Gb, 4Gb RAM.
  2. Application server with Debian 7 installed. The requirements for a disk are 15Gb, 3Gb RAM.

What do you need to configure email servers?

  1. Configure email server to allow anonymous access by SMTP or provide account details to send a mail from an application server IP address.

  2. Register serviced domain. Set up incoming email routing to nonexistent mail box of type catch-all@DOMAIN_NAME.

What do you need to connect Odoo to my domain name?

  1. Notify this domain name.

  2. In DNS settings indicate a server IP address.

What are requirements for users PCs?

  1. A preferred browser is Google Chrome.

  2. The internet connection shouldn't be less than 1 Mb/sec.

What do you also need to deploy Odoo?

We would connect by SSH. Indicate the access parameters and take into consideration the requirements:

  1. Create a special account (e.g. odoo-pg) on PostgreSQL server with access rights «Superuser» and allow connection from an application server IP address.

  2. Make sure, that on an application server an administrator account (root) is configured with the rights to create users and right to install applications from official repositories.

Do you configure Odoo to work with https?

Yes. Send us an SSL certificate, which includes Odoo server names.

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