Odoo Marketing

Marketing campaigns automation

Odoo modules combine marketing tools to attract and retain customers. The integrated management platform provides a base for 30% sales growth rate. Plan promo actions. Create mass mailings. Conduct and analyze clients' surveys. Organize events. Control conversion rate

Odoo Implementation

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Odoo Marketing Management System

Marketing campaigns and promo planning

Segmentation and targeting

Primary audience surveys

Gradual assumptions' testing

Mass mailing

Reporting, graphs, adjustable analytics

CRM & marketing

Analyze marketing channels

Import prospects and business leads

Organize events and webinars

Sell tickets via e-shop

 After-sale services and help desk

Customer engagement

Make up and edit email templates

 Estimate conversion rate

Design surveys via website builder

 Invite customers to surveys in a batch

SMS mass dispatch

Automate marketing efforts with compatible Odoo modules

CRM Website builder

Odoo - 2 million users worldwide

Odoo Implementation

 +7(812) 429-70-17