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An extract from a service contract

1. The CUSTOMER forwards a claim to the email address support with issue description and acceptance criteria for the CONTRACTOR works.

2. The issue is registered in the internal CONTRACTOR's corporate system. The CONTRACTOR forwards to the CUSTOMER email with an issue identifier, labour intensity and deadline estimation within 7 (seven) working days after the claim is received, and register this data in the internal corporate system.

3. The CUSTOMER coordinates labour intensity and deadline estimations and forwards email to the CONTRACTOR with agreement or refusal to process the issue.

4. In case of agreement, the CONTRACTOR process the issue and forwards to the CUSTOMER notification that the work is finished.

5. The CUSTOMER process the issue acceptance and forwards the CONTRACTOR an email with detected problems or agreement to accept the work results. The acceptance can't last for more than 3 business days. After this period is expired, and the Customer doesn't indicate the opposite, the work results are considered as accepted by the CUSTOMER.

6. In case of the problems detected, the CONTRACTOR coordinates the deadline of detected problems processing and rectify deficiencies in agreed period.

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